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Online Drum Forums I Actually Use As A Pro Drummer

If you’ve been using the Internet for several years, you would have undoubtedly come across public forums that are focused on specific niches. There are hundreds of thousands of popular forums out there, and there are a few very good ones for drummers

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best drumming forums to be a part of. Our list is quite diverse, as it covers a wide range of different topics that drummers may talk about. 

Read through our suggestions, check each one out, and then have fun joining an online community of like-minded people.


Reddit is one the best places to go if you’re looking for busy communities that are focused on single topics. There are pages on the platform that are referred to as subs, and they’re essentially mini forums for people to join. When you join a sub, you’ll get all the posts displayed on the front page of your Reddit profile. 

The best sub for drummers on Reddit is called r/drums. It has over 100 thousand members, and you’ll find all kinds of things being posted there. Reddit allows you to post pictures, videos, and links. So, you’ll see people posting pictures of their drum sets, sharing videos of themselves playing, and asking plenty of questions

The people on that sub are particularly good at explaining to new drummers how they can get the best gear possible for the lowest cost.

Drumeo Edge Community

The Drumeo Edge forum is the only forum on this list that you need to pay to be a part of. However, being a member of the community is just a benefit of getting all the drum lessons that come with a Drumeo Edge subscription

The forum section of the membership is incredibly detailed, and there are multiple threads that are focused on every aspect of drumming

The best thing about this forum is that the people running it are paid to do so. Most other forums are passion projects for the admins, but it’s the job of these guys to keep all the members of the forum happy. So, you’ll find plenty of good advice, support, and other resources

They also regularly do gear giveaways to members of their community, which you won’t find from any other forum on this list!

Vintage Drum Forum

Vintage Drum Forum is a special community for drummers and musicians who love vintage drum gear. All the posts and threads are about drums and cymbals that were made decades ago, and there’s even a section where people sell their own vintage drums

This is a great forum to go to if you have an old piece of gear that you need to be identified. Cymbals lose all their branding over time, yet somehow there are dozens of people on this forum that will be able to tell you that you have a Zildjian A from the 1960s. It’s crazy stuff. 

The community is also very supportive when it comes to restoring drums. If you want to restore an old drum kit, there are several threads to read through that will give you advice. You can also ask as you go along, and experienced drummers will be happy to help.

Pearl Drummers Forum


The Pearl Drummers Forum is highly unique, as it’s the only popular drum forum on the Internet that is purely dedicated to a single drum kit brand. This is a platform for drummers to talk about everything related to Pearl drums and hardware

You don’t necessarily need to own Pearl drums to be part of the community, but that’s what most of the threads are about. 

There are dedicated threads for every single kit in Pearl’s production line, so those are good places to ask questions about specific Pearl drums that you may have. 

There are also general discussion threads that don’t have anything to do with Pearl drums, such as gigging talk and recording advice. However, you’ll find major Pearl drums fans creeping in at every opportunity, so a lot of suggestions are made with Pearl gear in mind.

Drummers’ Community

If you’re still an active Facebook user, Drummers’ Community is an amazing group to be a part of. It’s very similar to r/drums, but it feels a lot more personal as you’re interacting with people that have personal Facebook profiles. 

There are almost 100 thousand people in the group, and dozens of the members have built relationships and met up with each other after chatting for a while.

It’s a good platform to post videos of yourself playing, react to people’s drumming opinions, and check out several drumming-related memes

There are dozens of posts being uploaded every day, so there will always be something new to look at when you log on to your Facebook profile.

Drum Corps Planet

Drums Corps Planet is the best forum for marching drummers to join. You’ll find very little about marching drumming on all the other forums that we’ve mentioned, so this is where you’ll find your community as a DCI fan. 

You’ll find countless threads about rudiments, technique, advice, and general discussions about marching percussion. Things also get pretty heated when chatting about world events in the marching community. 

Naturally, this forum isn’t as big or populated as any of the others, but it’s still a great one to be a part of. 

If you’re a drum kit player who is interested in marching drummer, we’d suggest checking this forum out as well.

Alesis Drummer

Alesis Drummer was originally started as a forum to discuss electronic drum products from Alesis. At the time, Alesis was a fairly unknown brand, so talking to people who knew about the gear was incredibly valuable. 

However, this forum has become more of a general electronic drumming forum over time. So, you’ll find threads about electronic drums from all the brands

There are nine very distinct threads that you can follow and submit to. The first three threads relate to introducing members, posting gear pictures, and talking about gear rumors and news

The second three threads are about drum modules, triggers, and general drum gear talk.

The final three threads are about DIY projects, MIDI and recording, and advanced drum module techniques.


r/edrums is another sub on Reddit, but this one is purely centered around electronic drum kits. While the main r/drums sub is about general drumming topics, this is the best sub to go to if you want to ask highly detailed questions about electronics

You’ll find people on this sub going into serious detail about all their editing options on their drum modules. You’ll also find people explaining how certain updates work whenever they come out. 

Everyone on the sub tends to favor Roland over anything else, so you’ll find most advice centered around that.

Best Reasons for Joining a Drum Forum

Being Part of a Community

Being part of a dedicated community is incredibly valuable when you’re passionate about something. When you play the drums in isolation, you don’t get an idea of what other people are doing, so you don’t have anything to compare yourself to. 

You shouldn’t use comparison in a negative way, but comparing yourself to people in a helpful community will encourage you to grow and get better on the drums

Being part of a community is even more important if you don’t have a personal drum teacher. It’s the quickest way to get all your drumming questions answered.

Asking Gear Advice

There are more forums about drum gear than anything else. So, joining a forum will help you on your journey of creating the best drum setup possible

Some people sell their drum gear on forums, and the chances are high that you’ll get a better price on those than you will from secondhand gear at music stores. 

If you have gear that is broken, you can also ask people on drumming forums how to fix it. You’ll typically get several answers, so you can pick the best and most achievable option out of all of those. 

Lastly, asking what you should buy is one of the most valuable things to do when part of a forum. Drummers often find themselves choosing between one piece of gear or another, so putting polls up and seeing how many votes a certain option got will help you decide what to get. 

Getting Your Name Out There

Drumming forums are another form of social media. If you post videos of yourself playing on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, you should post a few clips on drumming forums as well. 

Not all forums have video support, so you’ll need to find the ones that do. Just remember to become an active member of the forum as well, as people who just post videos and don’t contribute to discussions are typically frowned upon

You never know who will be watching your videos, so a big drummer could end up loving your playing, and you could build a relationship from there. 

Getting Constructive Criticism 

If you don’t have a drum teacher, you should post videos of yourself playing so that more experienced drummers can tell you if you’re on the right path or not. It’s very common for new drummers to post videos of themselves and ask for technique advice

People are always very happy to help. A lot of these drumming forums are packed with experienced drum teachers that love helping new drummers out. 

Finding Work

Some drummers have been able to land gigs through online drumming forums. As we said earlier, you never know who is watching. Someone could love your drumming and contact you to ask if you want to play drums on projects that they’re working on. 

Some forums even have sections where people post opportunities for online work. Remote session drumming has become a huge thing over the past decade, and you can easily find some session work through certain forums. 

You’ll also find beginner drummers coming to forums to look for teachers. Some will want Zoom lessons, while others will seek teachers in their area.

Final Thoughts on the Best Online Drum Forums

If you haven’t been part of a drum forum yet, we highly encourage you to find one. There’s something special about being part of a community where people are helpful. 

You’ll find a few negative comments every now and then, but most drum forums are like close families. You’ll get all your questions answered, you’ll be able to share your ideas, and you may just develop some close friendships. 

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